Off-campus access

Access to electronic resources (journals, ebooks, databases) is reserved for institutional users of the University of Turin, i.e. those with University of Turin login credentials (SCU)
To consult electronic resources outside the University or from a mobile device and allow web browsing to be recognised as coming from the Unito network, you can use:
  • EUREKAyou will have to enter your SCU credentials after clicking on the access button for the individual resource
  • PROXY UNITO: is a browser configuration to be used only if certain resources are not present or are temporarily not accessible in Eureka. These are some particular documents in electronic format that have access restrictions. This is a temporary change to the browser settings, so after closing the search session remeber to restore the original settings of your system to disable the proxy service.
    For optimal use of the system, we recommend using the Firefox browser, following our instructions guide. If you need to use other browsers, here are the settings for the most popular ones and for mobile devices:
configurations for browsers other than Firefox: ChromeEdgeSafari
configurations for mobile devices: AndroidiOS
For authentication procedure problems, please consult "Help and support" page of the Unito portal.                                                
Users from outside the University, as "walk-in-users", can only consult electronic resources from the University libraries' workstations or from the Unito "guest" wifi or EDUROAM.  
For further information, please contact the libraries staff.
Please remember to follow the electronic resources policy.
For specific resources on Eureka, there is a link Notes and licence terms under the access button.