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The following resources are accessible through the Library's initiative:

- Two collections of ebooks from Taylor and Francis, under the EBA model: over 490 titles divided between the Agriculture collection (cultivation, horticultural methods, soil fertility, crop safety, agroforestry, and animal science), and Veterinary Medicine (cardiovascular and dermatological diseases to urological disorders, wildlife medicine).

- CABI ebooks, under the EBA model: over 900 titles related to agriculture, international development, animal and veterinary sciences, environmental sciences, plant sciences, horticulture, forestry, human health and nutrition, leisure, and tourism.

- ebooks from the Royal Entomological Society Collection in CABI: 30 titles


In accordance with Article 1, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree March 22, 2004, no. 72, as amended by Law No. 128 of May 21, 2004, all content of electronic resources available under the University contract is protected by copyright, as well as contractual clauses limiting their use stipulated with the respective publishers. Therefore, reproduction in whole or in part on any medium is prohibited, as is any commercial use without the explicit permission of the publisher.


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