The University of Turin has started a project for implementing a Discovery Tool system which is able to provide users with integrated access to the whole bibliographic resources of the University (i.e. paper and electronic versions of books and journals, open access journals, digitized materials).

All materials which are currently accessible via different Digital Library services (i.e. the general catalogue, A-Z list of e-journals, Institutional Repository, Open Access journals, the web sites catalogue) are managed by a unique, powerful search engine. This tool allows all users query both the internal (books and journals purchased and held by the University of Turin libraries) and external (articles in bibliographic and citation databases of scientific publishers) bibliographic metadata.
Browsing the search results is made more efficient by the usage of state-of-the-art information retrieval techniques, data ranking and refinement technologies. Such facilities are designed to help users gather not only the required information, but also additional bibliographic sources and their related services.
The adoption of the Discovery Tool lets the University of Turin provide its community with a rich and powerful instrument which can meet any user need: search - find - get.

You can find TUTTO here: http://www.tutto.unito.it