Library Council

According to the Constitutions Regulation, the President and the Library Council are governing bodies of the Library, composed of 8 professors or researchers (4 of which belonging to the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences and 4 members of the Department of Veterinary Medicine), 2 staff representatives and 2 student representatives.

The Library Council determines the scientific guidelines of the Library and approves the three-year activity development plan prepared by the Polo Library Services Area Manager in agreement with the President.
The President oversees the implementation of the guidelines and represents the Library for scientific purposes.
The Polo Library Services Area Manager is responsible for the implementation of these lines, takes care of the ordinary management of the Library and personnel management.

The Polo Library Services Area Manager attends the Board meetings with the function of recording secretary without the right to vote.

The term of members' office of the Library Council is three years.

For the three-year period 2018-2020:

Prof. Carlo Nebbia

Polo Library Services Area Manager:
Dott.ssa Paola Piscazzi

Council members:

Dott.ssa Cinzia Barbieri

Prof. Luigi Bertolotti

Prof.ssa Eleonora Bonifacio

Prof.ssa Carla Lazzaroni

Dott. Eugenio Martignani

Dott. Antonio Nosenzo

Prof. Fulvio Riondato

Staff representatives:

Sig.ra Marina Clarici

Sig.ra Rosita Straneo

Student representatives:

Dott.ssa Veronica Santoro

Dott.ssa Cecilia Gola