Off-campus access

Istitutional Users can consult the electronic materials of the University of Turin Library System outside the UniTo network with any browser and electronic device by using the new service BIBLIOPASS.

This service has been created by the Direction for Information Systems and the Direction for Organization Development - Innovation and Library Services. For any issue, please consult the Bibliopass user guide or contact its helpdesk.


Besides Bibliopass, off-campus access is granted after configuring the Unito Proxy in your system.


Please consult the following instructions to configure your browser on your PC/tablet/smartphone.



After closing the search session, restore the original settings of your system to disable the proxy service.

Please report any Unito Proxy malfunctioning to the Information System Help Desk by selecting “PROXY” in the field “category”.


Unito Proxy can be activated by the following plugins:


Both off-campus access services require to login with Unito credentials. In case of authentication problems, please consult this support page.

Please read the service regulation of the University of Turin electronic resources.