Reaxys Academic Edition Free Trial (June-July)

The Reaxys contract negotiated by CRUI's CARE group expires at the end of 2024 and is under negotiation.

We anticipate that Reaxys will cease to exist in its current form and will become Reaxys Academic Edition, a complete database of biochemistry information assisted by AI in the prediction of retrosynthetic pathways.

For a better understanding of the new product, the Publisher intends to give all members of the consortium the opportunity to try the new version.

The predictive retrosynthesis will in fact be operated by two different algorithms, mutually exclusive, the result of Elsevier's partnerships with the companies Pending AI and Iktos.
The publisher's proposal is to offer a trial period of both versions, in order to be able to express the university's preference for one or the other.

Each trial will last 15 days with an interval of 3 days between one algorithm and another, with the following calendar:

Pending AI: 10 June – 23 June
Training (online with registration) 11 June 11.00 – 11.45
Iktos: 27 June – 11 July
Training (online with registration) 28 June 11.00 – 11.45