Inter Library Loan

The interlibrary loan service allows the retrieval of books that the Library does not own but are kept in other libraries, Italian or foreign.

  1. The service is reserved for professors and technical-administrative staff of the University of Turin
  2. Up to 3 books can be requested at a time
  3. Send the request to
  4. It is necessary to withdraw the book at the Library
  5.  The service is free. The costs relating to any fees requested by the supplier libraries are borne by the users
  6. The times for the receipt of documents may vary according to the times of the lending libraries and postal services
  7. The duration of the loan of the books (about 20 days) and the conditions are established by the lending library.

For requesting Libraries:

  •  The interlibrary loan service concerns monographs owned by the Library.
  • Texts for consultation are excluded
  • Up to 3 books can be requested at a time
  • Send the request to
  • The service is free in conditions of reciprocity. In the event that reciprocity is not guaranteed, the library reserves the right to decide on the supply of the service.
  • Loan duration: 30 days from the time of shipment.