Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities and SLD
The University Library System, in collaboration with the University of Turin's Office for Students with Special Needs, is committed to welcoming students with disabilities or Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) to its premises and offering them the following services.


Accessible format texts

Accessible format texts

Copyright Law No. 633/1941, updated by Law No. 37/2019, provides that authorised entities may make a copy in accessible format of a work or other material to which they have lawful access (Art. 71-bis, para. 2-quinquies), on a non-profit basis.
The University of Turin, as an authorised entity, offers a service of retrieval and supply of examination texts in accessible format.
In particular, the service provides:
  • the retrieval and supply of material already in digital format;
  • the supply in digital format of paper texts held by the University libraries;
  • the retrieval and supply in digital format of bibliographic material not held in the University libraries.


Who the service is addressed to
In accordance with legal provisions, the service is aimed at students with dyslexia, visual impairment or physical-motor disabilities that make it difficult to use printed books, or with other difficulties in reading printed texts.
Those who find themselves in one of these conditions will have to submit the relevant documentation to the Office for Students with Special Needs.


How the service is provided
To use the service, you need to activate an account on SensusLibrary, the platform that makes texts available in accessible format to authorised users.
Subscribing to SensusLibrary entails signing a disclaimer stating that you undertake not to pass on the material received in digital format to third parties, not to make copies of it and to use it only for study and personal purposes.
Confirmation of subscription to the service will be sent to you by e-mail, subject to authorisation provided by the Office for Students with Special Needs.
When you will be enabled, you will be able to access the platform and request the materials you need by entering the following mandatory data: Title, Author, ISBN, Publisher, format, academic year of reference and teaching (exam).
The requested texts will be made available in an accessible format on the platform, approximately within 3 weeks. Should a longer period of time be necessary, you will be contacted by the service's e-mail address sends e-mail)
From the platform, you will be able to download the available file, re-edit the format as needed, or send it to your e-mail address.
If you have any difficulties using the SensusLibrary platform, please write to sends e-mail)


Terms of use

  • the service is intended only for print-disabled users under the law
  • the service is provided for study and personal use only. Any other use of the bibliographic material made available through the service is prohibited
  • the end-user is solely responsible for any copyright infringement
  • neither the University of Turin nor the developers of the service are responsible for improper and/or illegal use of the SensusLibrary application

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Tabletop video magnifier

In the Library you can find a modern tabletop video magnifier that provides plenty of space underneath the camera, allowing for easy movement during reading, writing, or engaging in activities that require a larger space.

Thanks to this tool, you have the possibility to adjust the contrast and color combination according to your needs.

Printed texts can be read either using the magnification of the video magnifier or the integrated OCR system with voice synthesis, with the option to select the reading of one or more text blocks with a simple touch of the screen, thanks to Point & Read technology. To navigate through the document, simply swipe your finger on the monitor, locate the text portion, and read it with a simple touch.

Remember to bring headphones to use it properly!

Other available equipment


Both in the Library and in the Student Learning Center, there is an electrically adjustable height table available. Additionally, upon depositing your smart card at the reception, you have the option to request the following equipment:

- A Braille keyboard
- An ergonomic mouse
- A trackball